paul becque vs mike mason


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noticed last night they put becque on same time as mike wonder if this was on purpose see who is the more popular presenter?

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I watched both presenters for a short while and it almost looked as if one was copying the other; Mike appeared to kiss the camera whilst later on Paul appeared to hug the camera. Anyway, even if it's possible to class both of them as "spiv salesman" I personally prefer Mike to Paul, not least because Mike is the more honest (and entertaining) of the two, though I don't know how long that will last...


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Hmm. I sometimes wonder if Paull Becques (Bexx!) is Sally Jaxx's other half! he has that same manic "Buy, Buy, BUYY!!", abeit a couple of octaves lower. He has the same tendency to start piping up as I'm about to drift off, giving me a heart attack.


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Mike Mason every time. Paul gives me the creeps. I don't know why as I'm sure he is a very nice person but I just can't watch him.

Mike I could watch all day!


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He gives me the creeps too, Catkins, and I can't stand his shouting!

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