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Came across this video recently whilst looking for something quite unrelated

Paul is introduced as a "tv star" which he laughs at then tells the viewers he is on shopping tv but often people say "bbc, itv?" when they first meet him (yep ok Paul.)

We then get the success of him being the youngest cruise director ever (maybe) and how he became a millionaire by the time he was 30 (very very doubtful to me) a quick google tells me cruise directors earn 80k a year now good money no doubt this is twenty years ago so lets call it 60k at a push. Anyway this all fits in well with the "story" how when he came home from the ships he lost all of his money in shares. The story then loses any grain of truth as apparently a millionaire loses everything by the fall of one stock. Becque says he didn't care he was on ships...

He then came home and got into 40k of debt hit rock bottom tried and failed to get on tv then found the worst tv he could (thanks viewers) and sent in a tape and got the gig. This has "paid of in spades" according to the gurning presenter over time though Becque admits he started on less money a lot lot lot less he says.

Quite how he is now earning millions again is unclear but he seems to think he is.

Why is this important? Because I think Becque is peddling his new services (self help guru, positive thinking) on the tv. Saw a bit of him this morning every other sentence was "the key to success".

Just happens to be the name of his latest project. Further delving tells us the video above is linked to a group in Peterborough which I presume Becque works/networks for. The owner Rob Moore was also in 40/50k of debt before "seeing the light" infact everyone I can find who they talk to just happens to have the same story.

Maybe I am looking to much into this, make your own minds up but he should not be consciously mentioning the name of his businesses on a shopping tv channel for mine.


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Can't watch the whole's too much watching his fizzog.

If he did become a millionaire by the time he was 30, then what a tit for losing it all. And why hasn't he repeated what made him a millionaire in the first place?????


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I've always thought Paul Becque was completely insane the way he comes across with his maniac laughter and weird demeanour. He's always hinting at how much money he has - surely he wouldn't work on a shopping channel if he was that rich? Can't wait to hear about his "you too can have my success" scheme if that's what's on the cards.

spending less time on Ideal working out well seems to have been on all day today and seems very subdued (for him) appears to have been taken down already, must have been oversubscribed :mysmilie_50:
Berk takes great delight in telling us in this video he gets "lots and lots of voiceover work"

Not for me to doubt the self made millionaire (twice) but I will.

EVERY ad on Ideal World and loads on Create and Craft he is voicing over. At least 75% of the current ones is him! Can see him now sitting at his laptop in the early hours being first to reply recording a voiceover for another mattress and then getting an hours kip.

As he says in the video "some of my colleagues laugh at me for taking £25 voiceovers"

bet they bloody hate you Paul you have nicked all the work and by the sounds of it do them at half the price of anyone else hence why you get them all.


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Did anybody catch him on that treadmill show? Almost barking orders into the screen. "when do you make a change....when you are out of breath…(several other suggestions) WHEN YOU ARE IN BED AND CAN BARELY MOVE (something along those lines)"

Sure is one hell of a way t motivate people. I prefer to call it scaremongering or frightening to death. Not what I want to hear from a motivational speaker. Least of all when he is on the verge of shouting.
Retro there is an undertone of aggression in all this motivation stuff (that berk is part of anyway)

one of the videos suggest illness is not an excuse, disgusting stuff tbh
Berk is on create and craft (again) today

for someone who was taking time away from the tv in the new year he is on as more as ever

Almost suggests he hasn't sold any motivational packages


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Yes, he is pulling in shifts on C&C which means I didn’t watch Nancy’s collection being launched. Sorry Nancy but the man is smarmy. He reminds me of the late Reg Varney.


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Retro there is an undertone of aggression in all this motivation stuff (that berk is part of anyway)

one of the videos suggest illness is not an excuse, disgusting stuff tbh
Love the illness comment from them, I have rheumatoid arthritis and, whilst exercise is important, I can only do certain things. For example I can't run because of the pressure causing further pain to my feet. When you live in the real world you realise this, unlike these idiots just trying to flog their wares and making us feel guilty if we don't buy their product (which is going to change our lives blah blah blah)...
He sort of reminds me of Reg Varney (a bit) when I see him on - I recall him from Price Drop for a bizarre presentation selling some shoes that ended up with him kneeling at the feet of his bewildered female assistant.

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Now Dave Bradford is back at C&C I have my fingers crossed that he will resume the voice overs for that channel. I hate the Paul Becque ones , Dave is much better.

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