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Today I have received this item which looks great value for the 4 bottles, never tried this range before but at my wits end with my nails which have
gone thin and peel :(

Tried all the rest of the qvc brands but nothing worked.. Has anybody had any success with the Perfect Formula range?


Perfect Formula 4 Piece Nail Perfection Collection

Introductory Price £24.98 Item Number225867
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Not tried this but am using Nailtiques which I am currently very impressed with (and I have tried most things!)

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I too ordered this set and mine arrived yesterday. Am having terrible problems with my nails, not all of them, mostly thumbs and index fingers. It is doing up children's car seats that does it.

Anyway, I applied the pink gel coat straight away and loved the opalescent look it gave me. I applied it on top of Nail Envy and it went on well. Too soon to say it it is going to be long lasting or not but the look and feel so far is good.

I shall update later.


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I have tried OPI, Prostrong, Leighton Denny and also a natural brand none worked, nails kept on peeling and got no length on them at all. I tried the try me kit of the Perfect Formula and it has certainly stengthened my nails and they have stopped peeling so as far as I am concerned this is the best set ever. I just need to find a really good cuticle moisturiser as I suffer from extremely dry skin, its fine with hand cream but within 1 hour they seem dry again anyone got any suggestions.


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Perfect Formula didn't do it for me..I've tried just about everything and the only thing that has ever helped (to a degree) is Milagro..even then they get so far, just above the end of my finger, and they go again..I've given up!

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I bought some amazing hand cream the other week from Aldi or Lidl which had a high concentration of shea butter in it. It is not just for hands but for the cuticles too and at less than £1.50 a tube I can thoroughly recommend it. When I go through to bed I shall tell you exactly what it is called.


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I'll probably wish I hadn't started this message (so will you no doubt lol), but there used to be a nail treatment around years ago that was excellent.

Now .. memory ...
it came in a round container, about the size of the small tin of Vaseline.
the container was pink & so was the nail cream;
nice smell;
you put a bit on your nail and rubbed it in the nail and the cuticle, then you buffed the nails and they shone.

I fancy the product began with the letter 'C', but who knows.

Anyone recall it?


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The perfect formula thing worries me as they refer to it as a gel coat. I've always been able to grow my nails as long as I wanted (sorry Carol!!) and although they do break from time to time they've not been an issue. I struggled a bit when I had to start taking a lot of drugs but a vitamin pill a day sorted that. Then I had Shellac ... a type of gel manicure. Looked fabulous but ruined my nails. They were really dry and flaky. So the gel aspect of perfect formula doesn't appeal to me. I could be talking crap though.

I used nail envy after my Shellac experience and it has helped. My nails are now better than they've ever been.


I think shellac is more like a temporary acrylic designed to last a fortnight it's bound to damage the surface slightly when removed. The gel coat is basically a thick varnish - you don't have to roughen the nail surface to give it a key to grip as you do with overlays. It comes off with polish remover.

I can grow my nails long but a couple of them start to peel and flake at the end, the gel coat really helps with this and I find polish lasts longer on these otherwise flakey nails. I don't particularly like the pink version because I prefer colour but am using it as a base coat. The perfect formula top coat seems very ordinary - no better than any other, so I've gone back to Nails Inc Caviar TC. DD can't get on with Perfect Formula gel coat because she can't resist the temptation to peel it off (comes off in a single piece: quite satisfying in a boring maths lesson!). Doing this won't do her nails any good so she's back on nail envy/ colour/ caviar top coat.

Jude x

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That handcream I mentioned was Cien Moisturising Hand Cream from Lidl I think but if not then Aldi.

It has almond oil and shea butter in it. Lovely textured cream and readily absorbed with no residue whatsoever. You could even knit with it on.


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well this is a week I have been using this set for and I can see MAJOR improvement! My nails are much stronger already in this short time ! Only used theclear gel so far have three coats on for the week and its never peeled off, also loving the cuticle oil dries in fast and no smell off it....

Wish I had tried this set sooner wasted so much money on nail envy and leighton denny over past few years they made no difference...


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Shellac isnt acrylic it is a gel nail varnish which you remove with normal polish remover there is no roughing up of the nail required just paint it on you do need to cure it under a uv light though. I have had shellac manicures a few times and it has never affected my nails the only thing is they use acetone remover to take it off so that can dry out your nails so you need a nail moisturiser afterwards.

I have looked at the perfect formula set and wondered about it but I have been using Leighton Denny's renovate and that seems to be working for me at the moment, non of the others I have ever tried from QVC have ever done anythimg for my nails in fact nail envy absolutly ruined my nails for a while. I think a lot of it is down to diet and moisturiser a good moisturiser for nails and cuticles I have used is the Jessica nourish


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its a sad fact for me now but putting nothing on my nails has helped. everything makes my nails peel,flake and become really dry and ridged.
they actually are healing now i do nothing but file them with lieghton denny file and put cream or oil on them when i remember.