Perfect Formula TSV 18/07/19


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he was lively at the beauty bash a thumbs up from me..its a shame he left QVC

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I've been taking biotin on/off for nearly 20 years. It does wonders for the rate my hair grows - I can tell when I've stopped taking it - but it does nothing for my nails, sadly.

Glad it works for others, though.


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I've always hoped that I'd see Leighton if I was on a train. This isn't a form of transport I use very often but I can remember him saying that if he was on a train & saw someone using an emery board he'd give them one of his files. I liked him & even though I've now been unfaithful, & bought the P F files, I'll always be grateful to him weening for me off sandpaper strips.
I really liked LD too (having met him!) but don't think his polishes were 'all that'. I liked/need a big brush since I'm shit at painting (in all it's forms)

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