Perlier in TKMaxx


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If I dare to wander around the shops, loads of non masked morons just get in my face/block up the roads by walking 4 abreast & not moving for people coming the opposite way!.....

How rude. Where is this hellhole?


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How rude. Where is this hellhole?

Madly, the rather nice Cirencester Park (Lady Bathhurst's abode) Think posh/ish dog walkers.
She allows the local serfs entry as PR for her other horrid antics. I suspect it may have been full of plebs being the holiday season or something? Few of the offenders had dogs, rather pushchairs & fraggles, walking 4/5 abreast on the walkway when there was just Mr B & I coming the other way. I had to do an 'ox bow lake' on to the grass to avoid. How rude?!!!! What does this teach their fraggles?


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My 'little' find

I think I was very lucky to get it when I did which was early August and the whole family (5 adults) just loves it. Used to be a massive fan of L'Occitane Honey which made the whole house smell wonderful after use and have been longing for something similar. It's nearly there with L'Occitanes but not quite.


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Always want to get in and out by the latest 12.30 pm and this was before COVID. I hate the crowds pushing and farting around.

It's the farting that gets me.....

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