Pet Munchies - way overpriced


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I feed my boxers naturally/organically/holistically and, consequently, don't mind paying a premium, as I know that what is going into their bodies, is beneficial for them, no fillers, additives, et al. These 100G packs can cost between £2.47 and £3.74 per pack. QVC sell a set of 5 packs for £14.00 plus postage of £3.95, working out at £3 each. I ordered my guys PM from who are currently offering 8 packs of 100G munchies, choose your own flavours, for £16.96 and FREE delivery. So, for 0.95p LESS, you get 3 packs MORE! It really is a no brainer. The Q aren't even in the market when it comes to pet products, when online pet supplies offer free delivery and special offers. If your order is weighty, it's a huge enticement, compared with the Q.
This is the second post I've made in this section, in as many days - unheard of for me!
I think the Q really needs to restructure and examine it's sales methods. In retail, you can sell anything to anyone once; it's the repeat custom which makes that a successful sale. The Q seem to be incapable of even achieving this, and on an increasingly more frequent basis. Even the try me prices aren't good vfm.