Peter Sherlock is back on shopping tv yet again !!!!

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Gobsmacked to see Peter Shylock !! back on shopping tv he must have been on every shopping channel going now he is the resident beauty expert on TJC well what can i say he is still full of it and still failing to stop lapsing into his street scouse accent!!! stop it Pete just be yourself nothing wrong with your accent but he cant help laying on his expertness in the beauty trade and caroline lyndsy looking on in awe at his wonder wonder how long he stays on this channel !!


Still just a Pleb!
Wow - two names I've not heard in a long time!


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Peter Sherlock is a tosspot (pardon my French) I remember when He was selling on Bid TV trying to be Mr Nice Guy selling bottles of Charlie 3 for £25 plus £8 postage when you could buy them in the Home and Bargain for £4.99 each. I wouldn't trust what he says as far as I could throw him, and believe me, I can’t throw very far.

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