Peter Sherlock


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Why is this person on TJC as a beauty expert ? He really is a turn off and quite frankly is a waste of space I really cannot understand what he brings to the channel


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I don't see how any woman could look at a greasy guy in a cheap suit who looks like he needs a brisk scrub with bleach, never mind colouring his hair with it and genuinely think "Yep, I'll definitely get my beauty advice from you".

On the plus side, his employment seriously put Chloe's nose out of joint. She lost her lock on beauty products because of him.


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He was on yesterday with Carmel selling face cream that was directly compared at £89. They were selling them for £9.99. The pair of them dissolved into a good few minutes of forced laughter that made my toes curl and my mouth drop with astonishment. At one point Carmel held her stomach as in 'Im laughing that much my stomach hurt'. Jeez, talk about over the top.

It's a great watch 😁


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I like him and the hours he is getting and messages coming in suggest he is pretty popular

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