Practical Ideas TSV 02/03/21


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Dog training video?


Set of 5 Glasses (4 Readers & 1 Anti Blue Light) TSV 02/03/21


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Yes, as well as my catch phrase "What a shambles" I am also pinching the Bristol woman's "Oh no, not ANOTHER one!"

Feel free to pinch this yourselves, it could become the forum's catch phrase for TSVs.


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Am actually wearing a pair to read this. Have them dotted all over the house. And still can never find a pair


Set of 5 Reading Glasses Including 1 Pair of Anti Blue Light Readers
Item Number: 188300
QVC Price £24.50
Todays Special Value Price £19.98
P&P £2.95

A five-piece set of reading glasses featuring four pairs of standard reading glasses and one anti-blue light filtering pair, all in a range of stylish colours and patterns with a flattering frame shape, lightweight acrylic lenses and spring-hinged arms for added comfort. Complete with five matching soft cases and one cleaning cloth, these handy glasses are perfect for stashing in your bag, in your desk or by your bedside table ready to read your favourite book.

Wind down before bed - at night, blue light wavelengths from laptops, phones and more can keep you awake for longer and disrupt your sleeping schedule, so the tortoiseshell print reading glasses in this set are infused with anti-blue light technology to reduce your eye’s exposure by up to 26%.

Stay comfortable - in a timeless, unisex style designed to fit any face shape comfortably, plus impact-resistant lenses for withstanding everyday wear and tear, these glasses are essential for work, play, and everything in between.

Choose your frames - take your pick from either Classic or Print. The Classic option boasts styles perfect for everyday wearing with a choice of neutral colours to go with any look, while the Print option brings a touch of fun and includes brand new designs Blue Marble and Pink Snakeprint.

Perfect for you - in a choice of magnifications from 1.5 to 3.5, you’ll be able to find the strength that best meets your needs too.

Forever losing your glasses? Not with this collection. You can dot each of the five pairs around the house, from the coffee table and the kitchen counter to your handbag, car and bedside table, so you always have a pair to hand. Plus, if you lose a pair for good… you've got back ups!

Glasses (h x w x d): 3.5cm x 13.7cm x 12.7cm (1.4" x 5.4" x 5.6")

Frame options:

Strength options - suggested age guide:
45 - 50: 1.5
50 - 55: 2.0
55 - 60: 2.5
60 - 65: 3.0
Over 65: 3.5

Contains a choice of:
Classic option:

  • 4 x standard reading glasses - in Navy Blue, Gray, Black and Tortoise
  • 1 x anti-blue light filtering reading glasses - in Tortoise
  • 5 x soft fabric cases
  • 1 x cleaning cloth


Print option:

  • 4 x standard reading glasses - in NEW Pink Snakeprint, NEW Blue Marble, Black Floral and Gray Polka Dot
  • 1 x anti-blue light filtering reading glasses - in Tortoise
  • 5 x soft fabric cases
  • 1 x cleaning cloth

Please note - these are non-prescription glasses which are for reading use only and should not be used for driving or any hazardous activity. You should continue to have regular eye examinations.

All measurements are approximate



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I'm not buying any more of these because they are obviously in cahoots/having affairs with all my lock and lock lids and socks that fit my left foot.



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Cant believe I went for these. I must have about 15 pairs dotted around the house and in the car. Guess I can get rid of the pink and red tortoiseshell ones that came with the last but one offering. Definitely for wearing at home only. I still have some from about five years ago so they do last


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Probably not bad value considering you can pay around £15 for a single pair - but I'm good at losing them so would never spend that kind of money. I just pick up cheapies as and when I need them. A few years ago when they first started appearing everywhere, you could pay a lot for a smart looking pair with a matching case, or you could go along to Poundland and pick up an unattractive wire framed pair that didn't fit particularly well. Things have moved on now and even the cheapies are better made nowadays and come in much nicer styles. I did buy a similar set to this once, and believe me, having a number of them didn't prevent me from losing every single pair. All I'd say now with a set like this is that you're stuck with 5 pairs of the same shape and size and same magnification, and needs can change - So I'll stick with my as and when approach. Don't know about the blue light ones though, whether it worth buying the set for those, however, I'm trying to avoid using Q. I'll do my research and shop around.


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Wow never would have believed Practical Ideas TSV Reading Glasses...............


Gill Gauntlet’s home speck sale 😂
I am having flashbacks to her last lockdown presentations.


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This will never happen but as my eyesight changes daily I’d love a set of mixed strength options. However, I will never buy the ones with the strength adjustment dials on the side. Have to say no to some things!

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