Practical Ideas with Morphy Richards TSV 16/01/21




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Dream Girl

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Is this then, one of the two brand new steaming items available to the presenters to use backstage that according to Jill, both herself and Jilly couldn’t manage to get to work last evening :unsure:
I heard Franks rabbiting on about that last night but in the mists of all her jabbering I couldn’t figure out what she was on about.

Note she doesn’t bother getting one home as it would sitting redundant like an ornament since she “doesn’t do housework”
Pretty sure this, or an earlier/similar model of it was on TSV only a few months ago!


Morphy Richards 332103 Auto Clean 7 Bar Pro Steam Generator Iron with Intellitemp
Item Number: 810097
QVC Price £270.00
Todays Special Value Price £149.97
P&P £6.95

This Steam Generator Iron from Morphy Richards features an impressive 1.6L water tank capacity, Intellitemp technology that provides the perfect temperature for all fabrics and prevents burns, and Auto-Clean technology to help reduce limescale build up. Iron your clothes the intelligent way with this next-level iron, which offers the capacity to get through a whole load of laundry without having to re-fill it and without the fuss of changing settings, so you can enjoy fresh-feeling clothes every day!

*A great saving: If you were to buy this Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron from after today you’d pay £270, plus P&P. So for our Today's Special Value price of just £149.97, plus P&P, you’re saving £120.03.

Intelligent ironing - designed to prevent burning, Intellitemp technology offers one temperature for all fabrics, so there's no need to switch between settings to get a flawless finish every time. It also boasts in-built lights that indicate when the power is on and the tank is dry, taking all the guesswork out of the job.

Keeps you going - the impressive 1.6L water tank allows you to get through all your laundry without having to re-fill it, so it'll keep going as long as you do.

Fuss free - innovative Auto-Clean technology means that you won't have to worry about limescale build-up, while the automatic shut-off feature turns the iron off when you're not using it, giving you peace of mind whenever you get it out. So, all you have to think about is the ironing!

Your guarantee - this iron comes with a three year manufacturer's guarantee upon registration, so you can rely on it to stand the test of time.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Steam Generator Iron



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I've got a Phillips one of these irons that I got from IW for £99 with a free ironing board and I love it. If you must iron then this transforms the task. Takes half as long, does a better job and you no longer have those items that lie at the bottom of the ironing basket for 3 years because they're "too difficult". Not cheap but in my opinion essential (if you iron things).



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Where do people store things like this? I'd have to give it a cupboard & as I totally loathe ironing I would resent every inch it took up. In fact I dislike it so much I pretend that what I'm really doing it flattening out the faces of those I dislike, Chris Whitty's is the size of Germany!
I have had this type of iron since they first came on the market zillion years ago as I was going through normal irons at a rate of knots.

my present one is a Philips which you have no heat setting on as it’s supposed to never scorch any material and I must say that that is true, however it is a brute of a thing which sits on the top of my freezer in the utility room .

You really need a mesh ironing board as they drip an awful amount of condensation- I have an old towel on the floor when I iron otherwise I would be in puddles and that is with a mesh board.


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I think I've tried every iron known to man, and nothing beats the old Morphy Richards dry iron my mum used to have when I was living at home. In the years since I've tried everything in between, even a modern day dry iron, which was far too light so didn't really do a very good job. Did have a hulking great generator iron but it took up an entire cupboard almost, and I wasn't over impressed with it anyway. Sadly I do have to iron because my work uniform requires it. I recently decided to get the cheapest thing I could get my hands on..I think I paid £9.99 for it..basic Swan steam iron and I'll be honest, I'm pretty pleased with it! But LATI - Utility room - so envious. I'd love to have a really posh ironing system which is permanently set up and ready to go, a standalone tumble drier, when we had our kitchen done we had to go over to a washer/dryer (the dryer is crap),somewhere to hang damp clothes that can't be tumbled, a chest freezer, a place to store my vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner etc!...and if it's big enough - a cross trainer or exercise bike. Lucky you!


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I was "conned" into buying a flat-bed ironing press from IW when I was new to selly-telly.

It is actually very good, if you take great care not to burn yourself, but hasn't been used for about 18 years since I met OH, as she actually ENJOYS ironing!

So it is more unused clutter taking up space.

I should sell it, but it's too heavy to post unless someone local wants it and can collect.
Goodness my utility room is anything but posh! you couldn’t swing s cat in it but I must admit it’s full to the gills. Unfortunately it has 3 doors (to kitchen, garage and garden) which reduces the useable wall space.

When I replaced my washer I got rid of the dryer as well (sick waiting for the replacement for the dodgy ones which started fires) and got a combined one. Agree total crap so soon bought a basic dryer and only use the washing part of the machine.

We only have a slimline dishwasher so that’s in there too as well as an upright freezer.
A sink (terrific for the dirt jobs, boots and paint) and a couple of cupboards for vac etc.

There isn’t room to iron so I do that in the kitchen but since Mr L retired and I went part time that had reduced dramatically.

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