Practical Presents TSV 02/10/20


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Much gnashing of teeth here. My parcel got to the local courier, it says, on Saturday at 11.40 but has since been showing as delayed and they hope to get it on its way as soon as possible. This is the third time I have had the dreaded exclamation mark on the tracking in as many weeks. I wonder why it didn’t come yesterday.... Should I be worried? ☹️


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I got a delayed message on Friday and it said they hoped to deliver it on the following day. It actually arrived a few hours later on the Friday. When I mentioned it to the courier he said I’d got that message because it hadn’t been entered into the system until later on. Hopefully yours will turn up too.

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I’ve got so many torches, lamps, COB lamps, USB lamps etc that I could light up the street in a power cut so I‘m not buying these. Ones that I bought before were also usually in sets of three so my ex and my son got the other two as tree presents. I think they’d freak out if they got any more from me. 😉

Like Mazza, I live in fear of power cuts as living rurally we used to get a lot. Not so many these days, thankfully, but it's good to be prepared.

I bought the battery case cheaper from Amazon as I have loads - all ready to keep my many torches, candles, lamps, COB lights, etc. in use should the worst happen (again).

BTW... SPERM lamp???

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I looked it up. Am I barking up the wrong tree? It's a UV torch to detect stains? I bought one of these to 'charge' my glow-in-the-dark stuff (I'm still a child at heart).


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I too am unaware of what a sperm lamp is, except for the type they use on CSI!

My parcel is allegedly on the move again, continuing its tour of SW London. Hopefully it will make it today. The message came after it was recorded as being with my local courier. I wondered if they had just given him a load of them and he couldn’t do them all on one day. Perhaps they don’t want so many of them in the depot every day?


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Sperm lamp in all its glory 😂


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Still no sign. I rang Q and of course was told they would contact the carrier only after five working days. However, I did say to her well as the evidence is onscreen that it is still with Hermes, I trust I won’t be sent that stupid non-receipt declaration to sign and return... and she said to me “we no longer send those”!! Did we know that? I didn’t but that means nothing really 😂.


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Well three was a charm so after a third tour of SW London a rather damp and battered box is with me. The gift boxes have each got holes in them so not impressive if giving as a practical present, but mine are just for me! I bought early so it shouldn’t be a return..... mind you the grey one worked without the slip of paper having to be removed. Hmmm. Not to worry.


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I wonder if those sperm lights get turned on when them off? 😳

And do they come with protection? I mean, you don’t want to end up with a couple more every time you turn the light off, you’d end up with a house full of ‘em 😘

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