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Wet & Forget Rapid 2 Litre Bottle with Sniper Nozzle



QVC Price £50.00
Todays Special Value Price £34.98
P&P £4.95

This 2L bottle of Rapid Moss, Mould, Lichen and Algae Remover from Wet & Forget can cover up to 200 square metres and reach up to eight metres high, plus it features a sniper nozzle to help you target specific areas like your roof. Tackle unsightly mould, lichen and algae with this powerful solution, and leave your exteriors looking spick and span.

Spray it right – take the hard work out of cleaning with this easy-to-use solution. Spray up to eight metres high with the effective Sniper Nozzle, or use the Spray Nozzle to cover a large area in no time at all.

The perfect solution – it's so easy to use. Simply attach the Wet & Forget Rapid bottle to your hosepipe and it will automatically mix with the water, giving the exact dilution rate to treat moss, mould, lichen and algae.

Stock up on spray - choose our Auto Delivery option to receive two more bottles of this superb product 90 days apart, at today’s fantastic price.


  • 1 x Wet & Forget Rapid Mould, Lichen and Algae Remover (2L)


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I bought this when it was a TSV before, as I really rate Wet & Forget. However, I wasn’t impressed with this version. It was more of faff than when I use the blue kind in a sprayer, so I went back to using that. The results with the Rapid also didn’t last as long, possibly because the application was sporadic - foam on some areas and liquid with no bubbles visible on the rest.

I treated the garden with the “normal” Wet & Forget in November and the algae was completely gone in 48 hours and I know I won’t need to redo it until the end of this year.

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