Prepology Microwave Grill Pan


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This has got a lot poor reviews on QVC website. Apparently the instructions specify you must have a turntable oven to use it but QVC sold it saying it could be turned manually in the microwave for those who had smaller oven.

Anyone pleased with it?

By contrast, the czech cooker has received lots of good comments , I'm tempted.


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i got a letter a few weeks after buying it reminding me it had to be used with a turn table!
thing is it doesnt fit my bloomin microwave!so i just turn it manually every minite or so!lol not sure if thats a terrible thing to do?but it works just fime this way, of cource i could have sent it back but didnt get round to it and it is usefull


I also had that letter, but it just fits in my microwave so not a problem and it does work.

The sales pitch during the show clearly stated it could be manually turned. No mention in the letter about returning the unit as they did mislead?

The instructions that came with it are very poor, and some items take as long to cook as in a normal oven and red meat need to be done in a rub.

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