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My faves are Loen and Janice!! And Andy seems a really decent fella too!


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Without a doubt Loen, always funny but gets the job done, even after going off on tangents on craft! Andy has grown on me but only watch him on craft.


My least favourites are Ellis Ward due to her being a totally false person and Loen Love because she hasn't got a clue on what she is doing and needs to do more research on the product before presenting it.
I haven't got a favourite presenter as they are all programmed robots,but my fave guest presenter is probably Simon Isles and Janice the Techie is slowly growing on me since she has stopped over using the word ABSOLUTLEY.........:doh:


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I could just about cope with the 'absolutely' but the 'really, really' drives me mad

It's not just nice, it's 'really, really' nice.......'really, really' useful.......etc. etc. :headbang:

Listen out for it :wonder:


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I can't remember the last time I watched IW for more than 10-15 minutes. I quite like Loen and Andy, Ellis drives me to distraction especially the "crazy busy" all the time!


I could just about cope with the 'absolutely' but the 'really, really' drives me mad

It's not just nice, it's 'really, really' nice.......'really, really' useful.......etc. etc. :headbang:

Listen out for it :wonder:
Oh no,please don't do this to me Mommabear as I easily get totally wound up on "ABSOLUTLEY" if I pick up on the presenters constantly saying "REALLY", well I think my brain just might explode........:headbang:
It would just be too much for me to handle in one sitting..............:mysmilie_854:


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I've only got time for Loen & Lottie.
At the bottom of the presenter skills heap, it has to be Ellis


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I like Debbie Shore, don't like Ellis, Loen, Martyn and Howard


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Dean and Loen are wonderful, I like Leonie and Nigel on C&C.

I can't listen to Joanne, she grates on me. Dave Bradford puts me to sleep. I wish Dennice would stop talking about her personal life quite so much and I can't put my finger on why she makes me cringe.

All the rest I can bear, depending on the product.

I must add even if I don't like their presenting style, IW presenters seem to be much more fun peeps than those on QVC.
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I really really love Loen and Joanne is absolutely sooooooo annoying as she doesn't pause for breath. :happy:


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My favourite has to be Loen & Shaun, I always switch over when Ellis, Denise, and Howard are on as they are way to pushy and a complete turn off. Don't particulary like Nigel but can watch him for a short time and Debbie is okay but so boring.


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Lovely Loen is my fave and Howard's always good for a giggle. I'm not at all keen on Ellis and Denise ~ I think they'd sell their souls for a sale. However the one I can't watch at all is Debbie Shore. There's something about her voice and earnest manner that makes me squirm!


My fave presenter is Loen: never fails to make me laugh, and if she does bring up personal stuff it always seems off the cuff and never as part of a false "I'm your friend, buy my wares" spiel. Andy's OK eye candy. Debbie Shore does her homework, but could do with a makeover. Bulldog Bibby seems to be having way more fun on IW than she was on QVC; still can't stand her though. Martyn's crap, Dennnnnnieeeece and Ellis are too insincere for words - Ellis makes me change channels. Dave Bradford is like Charlie Brook but without the sparkling charisma(!). Shaun Ryan has a face I could cheerfully slap.


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To be honest have never bought from IW but i have to say I prefer the presenters

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