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Hi, this is weird so I wanted to check whether anyone else has had same experience; I sometimes find the iPhone app has limitations so I use one of the other methods of ordering. Today I tried the mobile service and had message popped up saying this service had closed due to lack of popularity and to use QVC website or iPhone app. Since then, and for the first time ever, I am constantly getting the message about being unable to process my order at this time. I have an iPhone and have tried both 3G (via 3) and wifi.
Any thoughts or suggestions most welcome!


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Hi I used to order through their website on my iPod touch and often got the unable to process your order at this time message and it cleared if I switched the iPod off and on again. I think it has been mentioned on here before where people have had it on their pc's and lap tops and I think they had to either clear or allow cookies. I would suggest trying to switch your phone off and try again when it has powered up

The Londoners

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Hi, thanks for that, I will try. Have had the problem on my pc but found it helped to change browser. Have no idea how to clear cookies on IPhone though.

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