punjaban curry bases


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Has anyone tried these? I've noticed that IW are selling a couple of sets of their produce. I tried them many moons ago when the brand emerged on bid tv and I have to say they're the best curry sauces, marinades, chutneys etc that I've ever tried. They've been available on their own website for quite a while and a few shops stock them so I'm not usually without. I would just like to say that the IW price is very slightly cheaper than the Punjaban website on one of the sets, the other is the same but IW's p&p works out cheaper. Just come on here to recommend them, and if like me, you're not the best cook in the world and aren't into cooking everything from scratch, especially with curry where you need a lot of different ingredients to make your own - You'll be able to make your own authentic Punjabi curries in no time. Seriously best shop bought Indian range I've ever tried!


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Bearing in mind everyone’s taste is different, we’ve had them and they’re delicious. I’m not a huge curry lover and even I thought they were lovely, I bought them more for the husband though, threw in some chicken and he really enjoyed them with some boiled rice. Also bought these https://www.idealworld.tv/gb/kitchen/food+-and-+beverage?icn=h_tn02_c_food-and-beverage&ici=kitchen and not being a baker, but I do love a bit of cake, they’re so simple to make, they tasted yummy. They were so easy to make I actually felt quite proud of myself. 👍😃


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I first bought them years ago from Bid, even when they got shafted by bid for a good few quid I kept buying from them directly and still do

Fantastic bases good value and a lovely family to deal with they really reward loyalty as well

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