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Ela's becoming a bit defensive - coming out with the " where can you get to try something for 60 days and return it? " spiel. My response to this would be "yes and they'll charge you a million quid to return it, then send it back out to someone else" - "Do you know where your massager has been?"!🤮
I love online shopping as much as the next person, but I shop around for the best deal - It really isn't difficult! I get that shopping channels like Q give demonstrations, and that can be helpful, but it most certainly doesn't prevent you getting a bum deal. It really isn't wise to take Q's word for it every time. All these updates on stock levels, and certain colours and sizes being "vulnerable" are designed to rush the viewer into buying. Let's face it, its the viewers that are vulnerable, not the stock!
Loving Erika's comment saying that now she's only going be buying things she needs or really wants - What?! You're gonna start shopping like a normal human being? mmm, I'll believe that when I see it!


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I can't view the app on my old phone (T-Rex roaring away on the ad campaign) but can't fathom why these people are flaunting the receipts at all. I think when you know you have a problem (I was well aware), I used to shred the recepts immediately. I never returned anything and used to get so irritated with myself and embarassed that I just couldn't bear to look at them. Different story now, I keep all receipts, am not shy of returning, although I haven't done any returns as I now only buy what I am sure I will keep. Never would I have paraded myself on an app, surrounded by shopping receipts. Now, if I win the lottery (I won't as I don't play) but I would film myself covered in 20's lol

The receipts from QVC are so difficult to read with that tiny font as LATI said. I think that the Qurio ladies are still happily paddling down de-nile and have not faced up to their problem. It will catch up with a lot of them and probably this year. Energy bills are massively increasing and I think a lot of low interest mortgages are going to become a thing of the past. If you are on a fixed rate the mortgage could sky rocket when the fixrd rate ends. Private rents also look set to increase as the landlords mortgages go up. This crazy out of control borrowing simply has to stop.

Let's hope KatyP enjoys her dinner tonght, maybe she could post a copy of her bill for all the lovely laydeees to drool over?

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Maybe Erika’s shopping habits have come to light? That quite a big about turn from buying all and sundry and some items in more that one colour to being discerning, buying only if necessary, which is very little.


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The peach coloured jeans - “Oh dear” is about all I can say really! They might be super super comfortable, but there’s a reason they’re in clearance! They’re still nearly £30 . I wouldn’t pay a fiver for them!


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They certainly weren’t very flattering. 😳

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