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Is it just me or does that Qurio promo annoy the pants off anyone else with 'Hi lovely ladies!' and the awestruck woman who sounds as if she has discovered something really important when it's just some lotion/cream that she finds so 'phenomenal' that her eyelids have turned metallic pink. I wonder how many times she recorded herself before being satisfied with that little performance. I can't help but watch it it's so dreadful!

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Heard Alexia playing Q this morning with Carla asking Chloe if she could join to wax lyrical about items she liked.


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It seems like a wee gang that Q are encouraging people to join. I don't do gangs but I don't mind the lovely ladies on the advert, I don't mind pink eyelids and I take on board other people's recommendations. Everyone likes something different and lots of people like doing videos etc, however, that's not my thing so I won't be joining.



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I can't watch that promo. The woman who says 'lovely ladies' looks like a talking corpse...terrifying! 😧

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