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My Garden Stories Multifunctional Garden Storage Bench & 2 x Chairs
Item Number: 737716
QVC Price £399.95
Todays Special Value Price £299.95
P&P £0.00

Create the perfect hangout spot in your garden with this multifunctional storage bench and two chairs from My Garden Stories. This set includes a convertible bench that can be used in four different ways, such as a table to dine at with others while sitting on the bench and chairs. The bench also acts as an ingenious storage solution to store the included foldable chairs, cushions and more. Plus, the chairs and bench can be used separately so you can easily enjoy different areas of your garden, whether you're entertaining guests or enjoying some me-time.
How will you use yours? This convertible bench is designed to be used in four different ways. You can display it as a high back bench, then bring out the two folding chairs when you've got additional guests to provide more seating. It can also be transformed into a backless bench with a table and used with the two folding chairs to seat four people and create the ultimate outdoor dining area.
Convenient storage solution - as well as being a comfortable and functional piece of garden furniture, this bench provides enough space to easily store more than the included chairs and cushions, from cosy blankets to seasonal decor.
Choose a colour - available in Natural, Grey or Sage, there's an option to suit every garden theme.
  • Material: steel frame with high-quality outdoor powder coating
  • Bench (h x w x d): 83cm x 120cm x 72.5cm (32.6" x 47.2" x 28.5")
  • Chairs (h x w x d): 84.5cm x 45cm x 59cm (33.2" x 17.7" x 23.2")
  • 1 x converter bench / table
  • 1 x bench seat cushion
  • 1 x bench back upright cushion
  • 2 x foldable chairs
Colour options:
  • Natural
  • Grey
  • Sage
Please note:
  • Always use on a firm, flat and level surface
  • Always ensure that the furniture is erected in its intended position and that any locking mechanisms are engaged prior to use
  • This furniture is designed for private and domestic use only e.g. around the home and garden
  • This furniture is not designed or intended for commercial use e.g. pubs, restaurants, or hotels etc
  • Take care when using the furniture near other products such as barbecues, candles, lanterns, or heaters
All measurements are approximate


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