QVC Now Stocking A Brand New Line

Dream Girl

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Dear God. Why wont they get it through their thick heads, that the bigger and floatier a garment is, the bigger it makes you look !!!! If its the backstage stoilists who are responsible then they want sacking.


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Poor Jilly is so obviously self conscious of her pear shape. For years I don't think I ever saw her stood up? But yeah, I assume she is trying to hide her shape, but instead always draws attention to it.
For those who have been watching QVC since Jilly first appeared, she in my opinion, is the nicest most unchanged presenter of all the women. She is the same personality now as she was at the beginning. Not full of herself, and certainly not a diva. I remember the engagement and lead up to her beautiful wedding, then her pregnancy.

shes terrific. Just that outfit is not great.

QVC sell clothing that to me defies taste, and style on some of their brands.

Silver Fox

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Jilly has worn some horrendous things over the years and this picture confirms she can still go there.I saw the top part with something fastening over the bust and thought what is that? Then the full horror is now revealed.


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QVC think this is what we want as it sells if I did not sell they would not well "sell" it!


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That just goes to show how shapeless the Marla Wayne fashion is. The outfits seem to be getting bigger as well.
Jesus, then they must pick all the worst size 16+ they have and set it to one side for her.

She is lovely and has lost weight over the past year or so but still seems to fall foul of the styles. Kathy T was exactly the same but since her big weight loss someone bought her a hairbrush and a mirror and she has improved no end. Still a pain in the neck as a preseter but much less dragged through a hedge backwards look now.

Dream Girl

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Believe me I would look far worse in the white long johns than Jilly but then I wouldnt wear them and certainly not on live tv selling clothing
Its such a shame because I like Jilly she seems so down to earth and not affected by any grandeur



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Tight, white leggingy things don't look good on chubby legs. Julia and Debbie have the same problem, as do the models Claire and Sophia. They need a straight leg in a decent fabric or a wider, palazzo style leg. Nothing that shows up er, fat (and I'm guessing a lot of us have it on our legs).



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Speaking of tents, one of my friends used to work as a sewer, repairing tents for an independent local outdoor gear shop.
Come summer it was the sale & the shop owner wrote in large letters on the shop window ( with apologies to Shakespeare)
Now heres the window of our discount tents


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They remind me of my late dad's thermal long johns :LOL:

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