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Jun 24, 2008
This EBay seller may be already known to some of you who prefer to pay a bit less for QVC goods and also less postage. She has quite a range of items from clothing to boots to jewellery. Having just had excellent service from this lady, with 100% feedback, I thought I would post a link to her EBay shop on here. There's plenty to browse through. :nod:
The seller lives in Merseyside, I wonder whether the seller is one of the Warrington Outlet shop Mafia? Not that that should put anyone off buying, but it might put me off going to the outlet. Thanks for the recommendation. It's good to find a reliable seller.

Jude xx
Goodness me she must have a warehouse to rival Q's.
I could never afford the outlay needed to have that amount of stock.
Does she not work or has worked at the Birchwood outlet, or have I got the name wrong?
Well if she works in the shop that is why it is always full of tat because she is getting all the rich pickings.

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