QVC survey


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Just received an email from Paul Stevenson asking me to partake in a survey. Is this legit? I quite like venting on surveys but don’t want to open incase it’s a scam.
I got an email about a survey and completed it as it seemed genuine. You didn’t have to put any personal details, just score QVC on various things, so it’s unlikely to have been a scam. (Famous last words 😉) There wasn’t really an opportunity to “vent” unless you scored them badly. I also had a text the other day to comment on my latest order. I hadn’t ordered anything for a while so maybe that’s why they sent it. 🤔
But, you never actually get the chance to write what you really want to say in them. Just ticking boxes usually as I had a few over the years.
The thing is, is that QVC know exactly what their customer gripes are, but unless it starts hitting them where it hurts ie in the bank balance nothing will change. These questions on these tick box surveys are designed to harvest a favourable outcome, so they can say stuff like 90% of our customers were satisfied with this that or the other. Let's face it, if customers are happy to pay £6 to get a light item of clothing delivered and wait a week for it, they're pretty easily pleased! If the survey yields unfavourable results, you can bet you won't hear anything more about it! Pointless waste of time tbh!