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No, I don’t want to ring Jaipur.

“Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're always striving to make your shopping experience with Ideal World as seamless as possible.

To serve you better, we have two dedicated Customer Care teams, one in Belfast, Ireland, and another in Jaipur, India. Our highly-trained agents are on standby, eager to assist you with any queries, concerns, or to guide you in making that perfect purchase. And guess what? They've earned an impressive Customer Satisfaction Score of 96%!

Best of all, reaching out to us won't cost you a penny! Our freephone numbers ensure that you can place orders and get all your queries answered without any extra charges.”

Also seems very quick to have earned a score of 96% when it started at 06:00 this morning!
Did I miss somethin, fall asleep, have an absence .
just looked on the ideal website and clicked on recently aired.
i honestly don’t remember seeing this.


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Watching the reanimated Ideal World corpse for the first time with a presenter trying to flog a COVID shield, sorry, 'LED Beauty' mask and she appears to be going through hell trying to do so. Anyway there's an hour-long 'Watch Collection' show at 10pm...

Will Kevski be back, attempting to flog off the last of the Lunokhod 2's?
Or will it be a Swan & Edgar less-than-spectacular?
Alternatively something else they've found down the back of the Ideal World sofa?

*drums fingers, waits patiently*
The astonishing thing about her sales pitch is that she keeps going on about 'incredible functionality' but mainly sits there holding the watch, which is just as well given that the display and the touchscreen when she uses them looks awful. Possibly because the battery life's so poor that they're afraid it would run out before the presentation finishes.

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