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Telling us now how much he doesn’t know about watches now…720 x 480 - 30 frames per second. That’s not great to watch back, is it?… £80 he says currently priced on the Time Berlin website for the watch showing -£71 from what I can see. Shouldn‘t somebody offer him correction on that in his ear or any other part he fancies? What do they call the men who use the poles, he asks? Best he keeps off Poles…
Mason selling tea towels at less than a £1 a piece. Would it not save them airtime money by putting him, the tea towels, a megaphone, and a barrow on a low loader, then set him up on Ilford High Road tomorrow morning?

Now saying tea towels are better for spills cleaning than kitchen towels. Weren’t the old Ideal World selling kitchen rolls and toilet rolls packs for £70 quid or so during the Pandemic?? Were they using that particular comparison then?
Did you hear him say earlier he saw the Time Berlin watch at Basel World of Watches when he was there....hmmmmmmm.:unsure:

What percentage of their stock price points at £9.99? 80%? These ties and associated trinkets sets…Assume they buy 2000 at £4 per set? Then they shift 2000 sets at £9.99. That’s £20k give or take.. Plus P&P profits… £8000 paid out if they did pay £4 per set..That’s £12000 profit before running costs taken off…If anywhere near the truth, you can see this type of business model actually works..Unlike the previous Ideal World loss leading on big ticket items with heavy postage costs…We may ridicule it, but if they are selling and in numbers, you can see the overall sense in it.
Basel watch fair, Basel watch fair, Basel watch fair ... goodness they love spouting these things.


Basil Brush is nearer the mark for this shower.

Mr Brush Esq. Is far too classy and refined to be associated with this gaggle of low-rent chancers! 🦊

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