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Maybe Mrs. Robinson has finally decided to retire? Never liked her style of selling or how she came over on air generally. That's not to say she was not a nice person behind the scenes. I do think she should have had an opportunity to say goodbye on air. Just so just so we could have all cheered her off. She did give nearly 23 years of sterling service to going through the motions of buying on air items she was presenting. And for that she deserves a massive medal..
If she knew that night it was the end, why not say bye. What’s the worst they could have done sacked her
Am I a little hard of hearing, or did Mike (yes, Michael) say he shat at the postman? Poor postman if so…My Dad saw a postman suffer a similar fate as my old fella was running for a 212 bus to Pinsbury Fark in 1968. The poor postman slid or slidded in a very large mound of doggie doo doo, dropped his sac..sack..and ended up prostate.er..prostrate on the ground by the red Request bus stop, letters covered in what letters shouldn’t be covered in…My father laughed so much he missed the RT bus.. Amazing the buried memories Ideal World can dig up for you. Talking of digging up…they’ve found some unsold mid-1980s’ snow globes from a Timothy Whites‘ closing down sale to relaunch in 2023…Ted…Harold..Winston…John…Stanley..Margaret…Well Done yer feh feh feh..Good People…In fairness…Mason Rockin’ this evening..Pass me another Leffe…

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