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His Tour.. Toure…Tourr....Timex doesn’t appear to be ticking. The ‘expert’ from a row of phone boxes in Enfield ‘desperate’ to grab Simon’s, then give him his one, and then play with Simon’s faulty one.
New word alert (Simon also uses to describe when he does a little turd in the morning) - 'spellbinding'.

The guy is a sandwich short of a picnic.

'Enjoy'. you couldn't make this up.

I did quite enjoy Palace Spurs though, sorry Duke neither my team and youre a Palace fan but an entertaining match for a neutral.
Some Wonderful Timepieces This Evening…

There was a perfect opportunity for a fresh new start, with more transparency in selling techniques, and some interesting new branded products to bring to air. But so far at least, more of the same hysterical selling techniques like Simon is known for. Jess, for recent example, telling us a £14.99 plastic light would be around £40 in a garden centre with no evidence to support the claim. Presenters in general telling us cheap dash cams will save us money with our insurers with no groundwork evident to substantiate that claim. Making direct comparisons to similar products significantly more expensive and then immediately withdrawing them. - the seed is sown. And an almost total focus on low cost, unbranded, or unheard of branded, small margins, sold in numbers (you assume) items. You do wonder if the Ideal World brand name is a particularly attractive proposition for well known brands to want to work with? Having gone down twice already, you wonder if it is tainted beyond repair - despite the new owners having nothing to do with previous events. It remains extraordinarily puzzling why they wanted to bring it back?
From what I have looked into on this recently, not all car insurance companies offer a premium reduction for having a dash cam in the car. And the car insurance companies that do, have a recognised list of dash cam manufacturers that they may or may not offer a premium reduction on. I think another important factor in them allowing a reduction is you having a dash cam of sufficient recording quality to be of value if footage is ever needed as evidence in an accident claim. That probably might explain why they have a recognised list of known dash cam manufacturers, making cameras to a certain recording standard.

The main point is, the channel should be guiding viewers that a reduction in the premium MAY be possible. But if you are buying the product specifically to get a reduction on your car insurance, then they should be advising that you check with your insurers beforehand, or if you do buy straight away, make it clear you can return the item, if that turns out not to be the case. My own example, having purchased a good quality dash cam and spending over £200 on it along with a rearview camera fitting, was on telling LV, my insurers, I was then told by them my policy could now go up, due to the risk of the equipment being stolen. As it goes, on them checking, the policy cost remained the same. but there was certainly no discount offered. Hence, there is a risk, nonetheless, that I haven’t seen stated in the dash cam presentations, that your car insurance can go up for the reasons that I’ve mentioned, as well as potentially go down when you have a dash cam or its windscreen fitting in your vehicle.
Yes, they WOULD have to do preparation. And they should be doing that already. But you can see on that channel and on others that there are certain presenters who appear to do very little preparation whatsoever. And one in particular (Simon Peters) who just seems to have been introduced to some of the products he’s selling, live on air. Blagging it. Winging it… These should not be aspirational qualities for any decent shopping television presenter to aspire to. Andy Hodgson, at least, seems to test cooking type products he sells in advance. For me, he is one of the best shopping television presenters. Pity they didn’t have him to launch Ideal World.

Here’s that ****** stick again… If I had physical impairments and general mobility problems that would be the last product I would be looking to give me security of step. I’d seek out an OT assessment… It doesn’t ‘wibble wobble’, she tells us. Great technical advice. Thanks for that.
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