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By the way… Somebody tell her that people don’t come out to investigate extremely loud house or car alarms sounding, let alone little squeaking plastic canes..

Very true, being on a main road with parking outside my house & a few shops and businesses nearby, forever getting alarms going off, although car alarms aren't as bad as they used to be, must not be so sensitive as they once were when just a car passing used to set them off.

The only alarm i investige is the neighbour's downstair, she's been looking after her elderly mother up North since Covid times, so her house is empty, I keep an eye on her house for her. When that goes off it is loud, super super loud, especially at 3 in the morning :eek::ROFLMAO:, so i'm down that stairs pronto to switch it off/reset it and check nobody is breaking in. Uptil now, touch wood, it's only been a few false alarms, which servicing seems to sort out.
I did say, absolutely nothing would change ;)

Same presenters, same bullsh1t, I was going to say same products as well which some are, however many of them are even worse than IW's original offerings.

Sorry if this sounds horrible however I hope it fails, because it deserves to.

I didn't expect anything to change much once IW employees started showing up firstly on TJC, then this new IW channel, for the simple reason that to me, although i only watched a few times mainly gamages shows, TJC is just a boring version of IW, presenters aren't quite a loud and in your face, but same type of sales tactics and therefore similar company ethos. To me the IW presenters will feel right at home on TJC and can carry on in the same vein they did on the old IW.
You actually think accusing someone of being under the influence of drugs being posted on a forum is acceptable?
Can you actually read members' names? Read your own quote. I don't think you would know libel if it fell on you.

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