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When Ideal World and Create and Craft were the same company and studios because I was a C&C customer my ID for C&C worked on IW too and after C&C became Hochanda I could still see my account with IW although I thought it would have gone when our accounts for C&C and Hochanda were merged but I am not happy that inspite of being a division TJC I am getting emails from the new IW because my details were ‘bought’ .
these trees WOW!! cracks me up I don't know how Simon Peterson keeps a straight face. 'Semi precious gemstones' 'significant pieces of art'. 3x£6.66 :poop::poop::poop::poop: Somehow linking a product mined in abundance in Afghanistan and Pakistan to name but a few to the Pharos and Paris.

Absolute TAT and that's just the sales pitch! As for the product, utter rubbish, how low can this lot go.

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