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Good luck with the refund..from what I have read getting one out of TJC is akin to raising the Titanic.
I’ve never had a problem with refunds from TJC (I’ve never shopped with IW), I’ve returned items via The Royal Mail on Saturday and the money was back in my account by Thursday. A far cry from Gemporia!! I’ve even posted a negative review on a handbag that I should have returned but didn’t, and they called me to apologise, and refunded my cash. I didn’t have to return the item.
You can’t remove anything from the box can you
I think you may mean the Beauty Items, ie Opatra and Lunamour. Yes, you can’t remove the cellophane so basically you can’t try the item, which makes a mockery of the extended money back guarantee. What point is there keep in an unopened item for months before returning it? Like it or loathe it, with QVC you can try before you buy.

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