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I’ve never had a problem with refunds from TJC (I’ve never shopped with IW), I’ve returned items via The Royal Mail on Saturday and the money was back in my account by Thursday. A far cry from Gemporia!! I’ve even posted a negative review on a handbag that I should have returned but didn’t, and they called me to apologise, and refunded my cash. I didn’t have to return the item.
Yes I can't fault TJC either on refunds
He took ages to try and shift the last 3 airfryers but now 2 have bounced back lol

I've watched on and off over the last day or two and the repetitive products infinitum is awful....not even interesting items....pound bin stuff at car boot sales...this channel is never going to last... and it does not deserve too with these products.
But Mikey "Barrow Boy" Mason says they are the home of Big Brands. I'm very confused...
Live across the United Kingdom on December 25, tens of people will be waking up to open presents people have bought from Freeview 51. Spare a thought.

"Thanks you for the present, grandma - but what is it?"
Cable ties, my love! The lovely man on the telly said they're the perfect xmas present! Merry Christmas!
'decadent yet discrete items to plait the links of the 21st century home information superhighway, and to bring strength and security to those abstract pieces that need unbridled exquisite fastening'

copyright Simon 'Pedders' Peterson 31/10/23
You wonder how you’ll fare with one of those e-bikes- trying to return it used in January? No mention is made (that I’ve heard) of the terms and conditions of returns. At the least the previous version went through their draconian returns policies, so at least people knew where they stood.

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