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Has the clear bottle taken the lead yet??? or has the black bottle overtaken the clear bottle?? Is Ronald in yet?? has it went from 30 to 29 to 22 to 33 to 41 to 11 to 6 yet? will it never been seen again?? Is it on the home insurance yet??

I aint even watching yet I could play the part....Right listen to me.....:rolleyes:
Simon Peters on now selling a cheap 5-head electric shaver with accessories. Don't know about this particular shaver but the cheap Chinese shaver I bought from Amazon 5 years ago had loads of 5-star reviews but the one thing the reviews DIDN'T tell you was that after three months the battery wouldn't hold a charge because they fitted a cheap battery to keep the price down. Plus because it's a 'beauty' product Amazon doesn't accept returns (don't know about Ideal World but guessing it's exactly the same if used).

Always best to buy a good quality brand of electric shaver.

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