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£16.99 plus postage. Five minute cock…clock on this. I can see why they only want to give it five minutes in case people see the below.


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I was going to switch off. But I genuinely think he’s going to sell out completely and implode this evening. And if he doesn’t completely sell out and implode this evening they will have more stock of him completely selling out and imploding tomorrow. Yes, Dr. Lobbitov..Only an orange for Christmas which I picked up round the back end - growing up in a 1930s twitchell in Cockermouth. Next: The £180 razor, that isn’t.
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Step forward Mason/Simon......although 5 or more lies in a period of 24 seconds seems more realistic.

'If lying and embellishing are a regular occurrence and difficult to control, the behavior may be considered pathological, but context is important. A 2020 study quantified pathological lying as constantly telling five or more lies in a period of 24 hours, every day, for longer than 6 months'

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