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At least we have some gravitas with this show..

Now we have Muttley from Grimsby texting in being wonderfully flattering… Another Hammy earlier doing likewise…Are they running out of other real texting names to use?
That wasn't me, I don't live in Grimsby. And I wouldn't be flattering unless I was taking the piss🙄

Do you reckon they're reading this forum and nicking our screen names?
Today’s Star Buy promo. Plays twice on every break. Blares out of the speaker compared to the rest of the output. Why? Why is it like this? So little apparently invested in developing the brand - visually at least.

Sharon Maughan, the well-known (to some) actress, is in the studio to promote her new skincare products range, with this morning’s beauty presenter clearly knowing nothing about her, as she announced her as Sharon ‘Morgan’.. Could she not have checked who she was meeting in advance. There’s plenty of guest research time during every Today’s Star Buy promo - if you can hear yourself think each time it is broadcast, every 30 seconds..
Yeah the NOT a direct comparison is a farce at best, just now the homedics shiatsu massager is on for £169.99 a VERY quick google search shows the 2.0 version direct from homedics for at least £30 cheaper....and digging further many better prices than IW mk3 price....and as I type they are showing a NOT direct comparison for £299.99..............

How they have the brass neck to do it is beyond pathetic!!!
The whole thing is odd. Phones are ‘playing up’. It must be one hell of serious telephonic tantrum as this was also going on yesterday afternoon. Have TJC’s phones gone down too? No, funnily enough. I wonder how much longer this third version is going to continue for. You can’t see a fourth phoenix from the flames if this one doesn’t make it.
Pure speculation here.
there has been time enough for customers of this new incarnation to receive and try to return products and find it isn’t as easy as some presenters have claimed. Phone operator could be getting calls from unhappy customers and need time to work out how to cope.