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Yeah thats whats a joke about IW mk3, I pointed the same price out the other night when Pedro was trying to use the shredder and failing as per (mind his reverse shredding effort) :ROFLMAO: .........I googled it and found the £99.99 price in 15 seconds!

If they cant beat a price maybe they should just shut up about other prices and just sell what they are selling!
It suggests that they believe their audience doesn't have a smartphone by their side with shortcuts to Amazon and Ebay. Maud, Ethel and Gladys might not. But we do🙂
All she talks about is "soooo expensive" "money" "me me me and me" "and i'd do this" "high end"

So materialistic sickening :cautious:
I like nice things in my home. But many of them were cheapo things from Primark or Dunelm but look really good. I'm not necessarily impressed by expensive things particularly if I think I'm just paying for a name. However if I think something is good quality then I'll buy it but I wouldn't brag like that.

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