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Each to their own, but I never post holiday stuff on social media.

However I will admit that when I'm on holiday I send a daily WhatsApp picture of me drinking a cocktail to a friend and a cousin, they do the same, it's a bit of an in-joke. Usually with me trying to convince them I'm having a terrible time😂
I usually only post on social media when I'm doing something interesting. Soi when I'm on holiday I'm afraid that counts. Selfies to a minimum mind you
I love his ‘I’m struggling with my weight’ routine. Watching him today I would guess he is no more than a 34” inch waist and probably no bigger than about 14 stone at most. There are much, much bigger people than him out there and he knows it.
I was just about to post the same. He always says he’s overweight when flogging exercise equipment, yet he looks in perfectly good shape here for a man of his age.

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