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Now flogging Homesmart (TJC own brand) bounce back pillows

And his sales pitch is contradicting the sales pitch he gives for the pillows he owns himself, the GX pillows. :ROFLMAO:

He's now telling us about folks using the word "probably" in sales patter, a word IW presenters use constantly.
I've just realised Mike of the know it all's is simply just a coherent Pedro Simone, Mike says all the same words as Pedro tries to say and Mike can string a sentence together!

He must get decent £££ to sell this utter shi........:poop: otherwise he surely wouldnt be on here!!
He's got all the classic albums there, but won't play them because of performing rights. We get to listen to tinny Muzak. I've got a Sony Bluetooth turntable connected to two Sonos speakers, and it sounds superb. I'm rediscovering all my old vinyl, my favourite is Frampton Comes Alive, I've had it since 1976. Also love Dire Straits. I bought them all on cd when they became available, but I still prefer vinyl.
I know it may seem weird to some but I recently got back into tapes. Compact Cassettes. I got a 1984 Technics deck and a Sony Walkman from 1988 and mess about with music and voice recordings, I'm genuinely wondering why they haven't been flogging new Walkman style personal stereos. There are a couple of usable ones out there. AKAI isn't just one manufacturer now but many, so the quality can vary from crap to OK. Like the cassette players, there are one or two basic budget gubbins that have different cases and boxes and mixed and matched from the same parts bin.

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