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Why don't you watch something else?
Why don’t you post somewhere else?
It’s the same principle, isn’t it?

Let’s assume, for a moment, that you’re not Pedro (Peter=saint, Simon=saint).
Then, honestly, why do you care so much that we have a bit of fun chatting about this channel? It really is so bad that it’s entertaining.
IW’s sales techniques don’t feel ethical, though, at times - and I hope that having a small corner of the web that someone might just refer to before wasting money on mis-sold Chinese watches, or radiators-on-a-lead, or ‘worry angels’ (no, we’ve not forgotten, nor forgiven them) is helpful.
And even if not, I personally find the company here is just great.
This forum is full of genuine, warm people, having a bit of a laugh about something we can hardly believe is happening. Despite IW’s sinister and threatening use of forum names.
And, with respect to your right to have your own opinions, I don’t really see why it’s any business of yours where we post.
I have a lovely old Akai personal stereo (only Sony could use the word Walkman) from 1985. I bought it with one of my first wages - we’d never been able to afford a real brand name until then. Bright red, auto reverse, and with an insert like a cassette that played fm radio. I changed the belts on it last year - it still works. If anyone wants to see, I can dig it out. It’s so hard to believe that was almost 40 years ago!
But Akai became one of those brand names that seemed to fall away - I suppose like ‘Bush’ in the UK.
Does anyone else have any really old stuff like this, kept for sentimental reasons? Or am I just a weirdo?
I remember my Dad having an Akai twin cassette deck as part of his hi fi system. I believe it was quite high end at the time.
The turntable hour could have been so much better. PRS rights are clearly an issue for them, but surely there is some way they could have played snippets of lesser known albums just to hear the thing as intended? Mason is quite a knowledgeable musical head, but his verbal vinyl reminiscences alone, don’t help to demonstrate a listening product. Obviously it was a rather cheap and very basic turntable. Reviews elsewhere not particularly good, but nonetheless, and similar to the food free cookery products presentations, a musical device with no proper sound doesn’t easily sell itself to potential buyers.

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