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Thought id take a peek during the adverts for the masked singer. Peter n Emma trying to flog watches, chatting their sh1t about watches which are toted as being much more high end than they actually are by the self-proclaimed watch experts Emma Simon and Pedro Boydell. Even worse, Natalia is back at 8 with a slimming belt.
As I said before, viewers need to apply some logic. No genuine high end watch ever features on IW, ever.
I've just been looking at the comments on the latest post on Ideal World's Facebook page, here are three of them:

"That will make a change from the loud mouthed blonde one and the creepy man presenter"

"Can't stand Peter Simon and that over inflated Natalia"

"Apart from Joanne the other presenters leave a lot to be desired, especially Peter"

Obviously the Peter Simon Fan Club (Doris, Gladys and Ethel) don't use Facebook😂

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