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Bryan Ferry, These Foolish Things. I had so many picture discs at one time, sadly flogged when I was moving house, though I still have the Cars, which if memory serves was the first. I had a Saturday job in a Record Shop on the Albertbridge Road in Belfast. Carried my wages out in records every week. Saturdays were brilliant, all the local DJ’s would come in for the new releases to play on a Saturday night. Great times!
Blimmy you lot are making me feel OLD
The first record I ever bought was a one hit wonder by Twinkle called Terry I was 15. Way back then single records cost 6s 8d old money so if you felt like splashing the cash you could buy 3 for a £1

Slinks of into obscurity 🐭
My Bryan Ferry album was £2.50!! And I think singles were 45p!
Terry was a great track. Very much in The Tell Laura I Love Her, Leader of the Pack style.

I think singles were about 60p when I started buying them in the mid-1970s. Albums about £2.50. You could only aspire to getting albums for anything other than Christmas or birthday monies or record tokens gifts. 12” singles - £1.99 (I think) when they first appeared in the later 1970s. T-Connection - Do What You Wanna Do, was the first I remember.
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What were peoples first Albums

Mine was PJ and Duncan titled Let’s get ready to rumble
Not sure what my first album was, but I have a memory of saving up pocket money and buying three Abba albums, one was Voulez Vous, their latest, and that came out in 1979. I can still remember the excitement at hearing album tracks that I had never heard before.

My musical tastes are quite diverse these days, I have Spotify and love to explore different artists and genres, but I don't experience the same feeling as I had playing those three albums for the first time. Happy memories.
I must find that. We all tend to have a couple of favourite years and I have three - 1977, 1981, and 1985. 1977 was the hot summer after the really hot summer of the year before. I was 14 and music was great, weather fantastic and life good. 1981, I joined the Police, had three months at training school, and away from home for the first time. Again - great and diverse music in the charts. And 1985…I met my first wife and was married to her after just three months…Actually, cancel 1985…
I remember the first album I stole and it was my mum's tape of Super Trooper by ABBA. I used to let my mates get an album and then go over and make a copy. Anyone I found out had an album I liked really. That's why I loved tapes so much. I'm trying to think because I used to buy a lot of singles and was given records and tapes as presents. I think the first albums I parted with my own cash with and went into town to buy from Woolworths and our local Boots had a music section too, the first ones I remember were Savage from Eurythmics and Kylie Minogue's first album
Harum Records in Crouch End was a trendy little shop full of old heads gathered around the tiny counter, not buying anything, listening to albums. Crouch End has always had a bohemian feel since the ‘60s with the theatre school, art college and Konk studios there. If you were lucky you’d get an autographed record from there from some visiting band or singer. Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox when they were an item lived near The Broadway and when I bought Love is a Stranger my copy was signed by Annie Lennox. Shop is long gone now, but a brilliant place to buy records.

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