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everything she ever talks about is always absolutely phenomenal
She has managed to make the word phenomenal totally meaningless

IW (TJC) have instructed presenters that the following words, ordinary, average, standard, usual, run of the mill, must never be used in conjunction with the word quality, only words presenters are permitted to use are amazing, incredible, phenomenal, super, exceptional, outstanding, astonishing, marvelous, sensational etc
I wonder about the presenting line ups. Is it that they genuinely trying to mix it up and see who works well together? Or is a case of certain presenters might be scheduled for the late shift but can't do it so they move around the shift patterns. I also have a tip for some of the smaller items, like the magnifying glass, passport wallet, toolkit holder. Why not do the Create and Craft/Shop Extra Quick Picks idea. Record one demo with all the details and then put it on with all the other 'VT' in the promo breaks. It would save them having to dedicate more time on the small crap

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