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Apollo watches not sold out


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watching the football tonight but I saw a bit of the watches earlier and find masons simpering sidekick really false and annoying.

Wouldn't trust her any more than Mason and Pedro, I thought she looked like she might have a bit more about her at first but she is just as big a shyster as the rest of them.
I am staggered she has a career background as a barrister. Maybe I misread it. Was it a barista?
It's funny watching and listening to Natlia talking about all these beauty products she uses. I'm the same age as her and people say I look younger (10 years). I don't put anything on (products). I just keep myself clean and take as many vitamins as I can eating fresh fruit and veg and fish when I can. I go walking and get as much fresh air as I can. She's a beautiful woman but I don't think what she uses does her any favours
Didn’t somebody say Mason was briefly seen wearing an Omega on Ideal World, then never seen wearing one again. Interesting therefore to hear his selling point for buying a cheaper watch that people buying expensive ones can hardly ever wear them. Er…

He wears his Omega Seamaster (think he said gift the Goddess) most days, just likes to keep it hidden under his cuff, same as Peter Simon with his Rolex, when doing watch shows. He once said to Kevski that he wears it 90% of the time and the rest of his watch collection is usually worn when he's on holiday etc.
oh right .. thanks for your deeper research !!! so are these any good or not ?? for the money ?

If you like the style and have the wrist for it they are okay. Are they worth the money, certainly not worth the RRP, as i said in another post the RRPs are stupid, there is nothing about the watch that screams this is a £1300 watch, there is nothing special about the case/bracelet, movement will just be a basic NH35 probably from TMI in Hong Kong, if you're into Lunar Rock it may appeal but it's more of a gimmick for me, NASA licensing, quite a few brands have that already so nothing special in that, me personally I wouldn't be paying £599 for one either.
I am staggered she has a career background as a barrister. Maybe I misread it. Was it a barista?
Emma studied law at post-grad level and in 2010 became a qualified barrister. She's never practiced though, choosing instead to remain working in broadcast and jewellery roles.

I’ve said it before – I’ve learnt more about watches from Hammy on this forum than from anywhere else. His horological knowledge is encyclopedic.

Thank you, but i feel i should point out that for me Ronzy75 & Professor Branestawn are more knowledeable than me, heck i'm jealous of the Professor's talents of not only (pinching Peter's catchphrase there) his knowledge but being able to repair watches, especially the movements.

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