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To shysters are on.

You can't get NASA patches for love nor money.

Really? :ROFLMAO:

Although we've said it numerous times, their approach to presenting as if sites like Amazon don't exist is genuinely laughable. Like seriously trying to tell viewers the drum barrel sh1t watch was unique to them and they couldn't find anyone else selling it. Eh?!? Laugh out (very) loud!

They're in their own little selly telly world, a bubble within which they need to remain, because most of the stuff they sell can be found cheaper elsewhere out here in the real world ;)
Another one who was selling expensive rattan garden furniture,until the very moment the channel went bust.
Disgusting Disgraceful 🤬
The one thing I will say about this, I worked for a particular newspaper and at the time they brought in a guy who said don't worry your job is safe, we were given meetings assuring us yet not a month later I was made redundant. The employees only know what they've been told and are sometimes lied to as I had been. So I get the hostility but I'm just saying we don't know the full story. If it turns out he did know fair enough. I'm not commenting on the selling techniques etc just from my own experience.
On That Last Day, would somebody have just walked onto the set and said that’s it, we’re going off air,
I'm unsure of how much of their financial difficulties the bosses have shared with the staff, but they will have been aware for a while that things were not good. Shaun and Carys must have been told that this is your last hour. The broadcast is ending at 3pm.
OK I know we take the piss a lot about the random items they have on there. But the other day they had an offer of 2 USB ballpoint pens with 8gb of memory. Now I genuinely wanted to get them. As one for me and one for a friend. By the time I went back and forth with her the item was completely gone and not on their website. I needed to know if they wrote black or blue ink. My friend can only use black ink in her job and the 8gb is perfect for putting photos on and getting them printed off. I took advice from folks on here that noticed the stuff on TJC. This time round the ideal world price was better. You got 2 pens for the same price TJC are selling 1.

If anyone spots it again gimme a shout. I'll be tuning in off and on but more likely to pop on the forum than continually watch it as I'm out and about on laptop today. Only if you happened to be tuning in

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