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Wowzers…Double Super Wowzerzsers…It’s Dr. Edwards’s Scent Clinic, and boy will you regret being sent here. Look… don’t bother busy clinicians like myself with your tedious health worries… Forget all about that rubbish and buy yourself a whole crate of this new Michael Hunt fragrance. We are super busy. We are super busy. We are super busy. People are telephoning their friends as I speak. People are walking down the streets with placards advertising this wonderful bargain of the Michael Hunt fragrance. And now Tonka Bean Toys. I hear through my ear that people have been bulk, BULK buying. That’s buying in bulk. Buy 100 x 1000.. Focus on doing that rather checking out your medical issues with extremely busy medical doctoring salesman like myself. Zesty Topnotes and The Lumpy Bumpies CDs to follow.

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