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Immediately found it on eBay for £499. That’s getting close to its true value IMO.
I’d - honestly - put it around £200-£300 new

The marketing behind this brand has been astounding, I've seen videos on youtube and revues on watch blogs, and they really have taken a lot of folks and some in retail for mugs, seems they've fallen hook line and sinker for this Swiss heritage, perpetual luxury guff. While IW come out with the really over the top bullshit, others out there are truly under the impression these watches are worth the RRPs. :eek:

While their watches are better quality than most of IW offerings they are nowhere near the quality of the RRPs on CD's website would suggest.
I like this watch, but it's £580.

It's a good watch, would easily buy it myself, although maybe not at that price, would keep checking online until a really good deal exists (happens when a particular model is coming to the end of its run) or if one pops up on ebay, chrono 24 etc. The only trouble with Roamer is they were hit when ETA decided to stop suplying non swatch group brands with movements, before that Roamers mostly had ETA movements in them but after they went in with STP (clones of ETA movements), not sure i like them as much, but now looks like they've started moving over to Soprod and Sellita for movements.
... They could present me with the opportunity of a £200 Rolex and I would still decline it.
I think I mentioned something similar on here a while back. Such is my distaste for their overall approach, if they were selling a product I wanted for a lot less than other retailers, I'd still buy elsewhere out of principal.
It really pees me off when he says most of us couldn't afford to buy this watch. How the hell does he know what we can and can't afford.
One thing's for sure, ALL members of the public will have at least a bit more to spend elsewhere just as long as they don't buy the tat churned out on this channel ...
I like this watch, but it's £580.
It’s very nice.
I like this watch, but it's £580.
Its a very good price, I think.
RRP is £799. That ‘Pepsi’ look has a great appeal for me. Mechanism is a Selitta SW-200 (The Selitta version of the ETA 2824-2).

The 2824/SW200 is proper watchmaking that you can wear anywhere doing just about anything without worrying. Along with the ETA/Valjoux 7570 it was the first movement I learned to disassemble and reassemble quickly enough to be able to make a living from it!

The 2824 has quite a heritage, as much as that word gets overused. Now, it’s a part of ETA’s “Mecaline” series, but it can trace its roots back Eterna. Calibre1247, the 2824’s ancient relative, is from 1955.
The ETA 2824-2 is found in the Hamilton Khaki Field, the old Tudor Black Bays, and lots of Tissots and Certinas that don’t use the newer Powermatic 80. The SW-200 has an extra jewel (not really functional) and features in lots of Oris, Raymond Weil, Maurice LaCroix, Dreyfuss & Co, etc.

Sorry if you already knew that. But I do like it. It’s not an heirloom piece, though, like the Chinese tat sold on IW (🤣🤣🤣). It’s a good, honest, sturdy watch. One weakness is in manual wind - don’t wind it manually ‘all the way’ - just do it until it starts plus, say an extra 5 winds. Then let wearing it do the work. There’s an inbuilt weakness shared between those mechanisms that they claimed to have fixed- but haven’t.

Roamer are good value. If you like it, then for the price, it’s good value!
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