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Those Nicce tee shirts again. £100 elsewhere? Yes…On the manufacturer website. No. £30 at other retailers. What they don’t tell you. Can’t stand any more of the misinformation for today. One set of people suffer - those unable to check for themselves who believe this rubbish.
Yep, like the not direct price comparisons, means absolutely feck all.

'Yes sir, this car is £25k, however did you know you can buy other cars for £250k, so ours is a true bargain all day long.'
Now get yerself here, you useless great lump. You’re blocking out my light, standing dare like a black cloud…Now stir your stumps and get me dat plastic stick with the do de doo de noise…We have to pretend dhare de last in der business - even dough dares 100,000 left round der back. You ****** well will pretend sure to God. You’ve had fifty years pretending for a ****** living, yer shillelagh dangler…

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