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All the clothes seem to be one size fits all shapeless bags in 1970's curtain material.
I think you mean 'one size fits no-one'😂.

And I'll have you know that 1970s curtain material style is actually bang on trend right now according to Sally Jacks, Influencer to the Stars and my exclusive Style Guru🤪. Well, that's what she told me and I believe her!
Muriel's bought the safe. She can lock it in the Rolson safe she bought.
I reckon Muriel might be related to the infamous Lee from Ventnor. Those of us watching Bid TV years ago will undoubtedly remember him. He apparently bought everything🤔.

Or maybe just he changed his name to Muriel. If so, does he still live in Ventnor? We need answers to these very important questions...
I hopped on the live YT feed a min ago and scrolled back to a random point. There was Peter S doing his usual ...

To get this for a tenner on three flexis ...

So it's a £10 product with 3 x £3.33 flexis?


It's a £30 product on 3 x £10 flexis.


There are certainly a few words this shower could do with looking up in the dictionary.
Bonnie and Clyde together this morning. Clyde is the one with the long arms and plastic looking cheeks - upper. Stealing a living again. “We are limited stock on the phosphorus bath oil,” says Clyde. Not that they were limited stock before they started the show.

£135 for a similar Vulture’s head plant pot, says Dr. Crippen…Stone, apparently? Stone dressed up as paper looking at the ease of lifting the wretched thing. “Ours is a much prettier vulture,” says the good GP (Gormless Pra..). Yes, Dr. Another shopping misdiagnosis from you again.
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Pete&Jez say the Buddha is new but it's not though is it?

Masonic Mike was blathering on about its mystic qualities weeks if not months ago.

They are talking such BS. "You need to be in its presence", "Invite some friends over", "Conversation piece".

Honestly, anyone I know would just laugh.
To be fair, a Buddha can be a talking point. I carved this in my back garden out of the rock and as you can see it gets visitors. Actually it's in need of a clean, I need to buy some spray and leave stuff from IW ...


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