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Compared to IW's offerings they are a luxury brand. ;)

Unlike the brands on IW, Tissot are an actual watchmaking brand, with a long history (1853), they are part of the Swatch Group. They are mainly in the affordable (sub £500) to mid range watches (£500-£1500), although they do have a few gold watches which are priced up to up to £3500. Very popular watch barnd, sell a lot of watches.

I have 4, Ballade, Seastar, Visodate and T-Touch II, never had any probs with them.
I had a beautiful Tissot, problem free for about ten years, until I lost it. I’m sure it was about £100 from Zales, who I think were part of Ratners/ Earnest Jones. I’m still on my cruise for another few days and they have Rolex, Citizen, Tissot for sale - not a sign of a William Hunt or a Gammages!
Dracula’s bride is telling the most ridiculous story about how her daily Uber driver is using the lumicap thingy.She says that she could ‘ see his follicles’! They’re making very bold claims about it.
The daughter of darkness selling fings wot light up is a juxtaposition for sure.

You only have to see the way her eyes dart around to realise she is quite, quite mad. The other clue is that she actually believes these preposterous devices do any good at all.
Random question: Does Peter Sherlock's hairstyle belong to the new romantic era? or later? I was only at primary school in the early 80s, and my much older brother and his mates were all mods, and then in the mid 80s some became scooter boys and my brother remained a mod.
Muriel has just bought another air fryer! She bought one last night. Either she has a hoarding problem, or he just makes names up.
I think we both know the answer to that!

Either Peter identifies as Muriel when he's alone in his grim, mould infested bedsit on a cold February night. Or Muriel only exists inside his head. Both work for me...
Are those the £65 ones?

Wonder why they don't do a price comparison ;)

Could it be because others are basically selling the same thing for nearly half the price ;) ;)
Selling them for £44.99 just for today, then they will go up to £85 says Pedro. He just plucks figures out of the air.
Muriel has just bought another air fryer! She bought one last night. Either she has a hoarding problem, or he just makes names up.
Muriel buys everything he sells, the question is ……
Does she just like the post man delivering it and then return it or does she keep it.
One of life’s mysteries we will never know the answer to. :unsure:
I see the gipsy skirt is currently the latest fashion according to our fashion guru.
I have three all over 20 years old, probably worn about once every 5 years or so. All bought from a market stall.
I really really don’t need another one cluttering up space in my wardrobe
I was curious how identical joe & jo shoes are to cushion walk shoes so went on a Google recy.

Cushion walk ceased trading in 2017 Jo & joe started in 2017 bothe have the exact same business address. The odd thing is you can still buy sandales etc with the Cushion walk brand on them all these years later

Is there a massive warehouse Somewhere with gigantic stocks of old cushion walk footwear or do Jo&joe now sell basically the same footwear under both names?
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