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Ooh let me thinkšŸ¤”... Was it Our Bet's 'friend'?
You simply cannot sit back and watch an individual like him conning people. Now, he either knowingly conned them by suggesting the air fryer was Ā£320 elsewhere or previously at Ideal World, but without any evidence of such a grand claim. Or he just continued in the mindset that he can say whatever he likes, spontaneously and ill thought out, or at all. Or he unknowingly conned them by what Kindergarten Gallery was telling him on price via talkback. That being the case, the Gallery kids indirectly conned people, through him. None of these seedy scenarios are a very palatable suggestion.

There are vulnerable shoppers making up part of their core, targeted demographic. Older, generally cash conscious, and not very Net equipped. They deserve honesty on price. They donā€™t deserve to be seriously misled (AKA CONNED) by a shopping TV channel being hugely disingenuous in their pricing comparisons approach. The irony is, if just they played the ā€˜family ticketā€™, making these people feel like they are ā€˜part of somethingā€™ they could potentially better encourage sales that way, rather than by suggesting items they sell are priced as hundreds more elsewhere. SHAME on them.
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The only ASA submission I made was Peter telling us that Laurelle, cheap perfume maker, had a shop on Regent Street. Rather using an accommodation address there along with 3000 other companies..

There is a perfume shop in Regent Street called Penhaligons, mega classy and expensive shop with prices well over Ā£100. But they don't sell anything like Sexxy Shoo...
Mike, flogging extension lead, says if you go down to the shops and get a wall socket for two plugs with two usb ports in it, it will cost you Ā£35 and then you've to pay for an electrician to turn off your power and wire it in for you.

Where do you buy your plugs Mike, Harrods? :rolleyes: I did shop for wall sockets a few weeks ago, bought from Amazon, 1 x single plug wall socket, 1 x double plug wall socket, 1 x double plug wall socket with two usb sockets and 1 x light switch and fitted them all myself, total cost Ā£30.53p.

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