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I can imagine Peter Simon as a stranger arriving in Rigsby's guest house, a fantasist who lies to everyone but somehow impresses Miss Jones. This would make Rigsby jealous but the newcomer gets his comeuppance when Alan and Phil see through him and expose him as a charlatan. Rigsby ends up kicking out the only character seedier than himself - Peter Simon.

After all, he often complains how damp his bedroom walls are.
Or they remake Rising Damp with Dirty Peter in the title role playing the seedy landlord living in a run down slum.
One line I remember from Rising Damp. Rigsby was sneering about the existence of the 'permissive society'. It doesn't exist he said, and I should know because I've looked for it🤣🤣🤣. Always made me laugh.
If you can revisit the episode where Rigsby bets Philip he can survive without food for 24 hours for a fiver. It is pure mesmeric comic timing by the four main players. Such a brilliant show.
Peter Voulezvous - professor in thermal dynamics from the University of Buggleskelly.

Expert in how air moves around your room and the action of cooling fans on bits of ribbon stuck to them to demonstrate the directional flow of cold currents during heatwaves which haven't happened yet but may do any day soon so make sure you buy now you don't buy an umbrella when it's raining do you?
I watched some Outnumbered last night, so funny especially as the children didn’t have a script half the time.

Apparently Outnumbered is coming back for Christmas as well as Gavin and Stacey
I never watched Outnumbered at the time. I catch up with a lot of stuff I never watched then because I don't watch much current stuff.

But I did watch The Dropout, the recent drama about Elizabeth Holmes who was done for fraud in the medical profession. That was gripping and shocking in equal measure and based on real events.
What a load of bollix,£2,000 and he's lost 2 inches around his waist. 😂


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I'll say again, viewers need to apply logic.

Selling a watch with an RRP of £700 for £80 or whatever it was.

SOooo, are you getting a watch genuinely worth £700 ... or could it possibly be worth closer to the £80 ;) actually most likely less given they're retailing it at £80.

I suppose we just have to accept the ludicrous relationship between manufacturers and retailers around the RRP dance. Mind you, selly telly takes it to a whole new level.

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