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He had a bit of a red nose, which is usually a sign of someone that really likes a drink. ;)
He had a lot of a red nose, I was surprised it wasn't covered with make up. Maybe someone punched him in the nose just before he went on air 😁
I think it is the father you know -Gamages watches are owned by Fields Luxury, same as Swan and Edgar.
The backstory about family of watchmakers is all made up , third or fourth generation -it's all bull anyway.

Came across this contribution on the watchuseek forum:

"The website is operated by Fields Luxury Ltd which is located at 2ND FLOOR GADD HOUSE, ARCADIA AVENUE, LONDON, ENGLAND, N3 2JU. Nothing wrong with that but there are 168 companies at this address. I wonder where GAMAGES OF LONDON timepieces are 'carefully hand assembled' and where their 'London based team of designers, each possessing decades of experience in the art of watch making', is located. Most likely not in N3 2JU."

cheeky chappie

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Something didn't gel last night. Watched just a few mins of an eBike show (Peter S ROARING away like a complete idiot, the other guy was obviously thinking 'cringe!') but they showed a clip of keep fit/coffee bean guy riding said bike around the IW garden. It had their default 'filmed before covid lockdown' message. Fair enough.

However, near the end of the clip (filmed 'pre lockdown' remember), the keep fit/coffee bean guy said along the lines of 'and because of the current situation, stockists all over are VERY low on stock.'

MMmmm, bit strange. 'If' the clip was indeed filmed pre lockdown, I very much doubt stocks were low. So I'm concluding, maybe wrongly of course, that either the clip was filmed after lockdown put in place, or the message was displayed in error.

It just didn't gel.


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Another batch of FAKE 5 star reviews on trustpilot going from 1.7/5 to 2.1/5 in the spate of 2 hours.

Many commenting on service and value without going into specific item details, but no mention of extortionate call rates when they don't reply to emails as some have reported £25-30 on one call.
Surely someone from trustpilot should be noticing them or can no-one from trustpilot be trusted.

here is the problem, taken from trustpilot.

We don’t remove reviews just because you had a different experience with the company, the review isn’t as detailed, informative or well written as you’d like, or because the company has a sudden influx of new reviews (this could be because they started asking for reviews).


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Ideal world have seemed to overtake QVC in the trustpilot stakes with all the invited reviews,
QVC do not ask for them.

my Favourite
True opinion
Great products amazing presenters easy returns policy fabulous prices
Much easier than trawling around shops in huge shopping centres
I love shopping at ideal world
Lots of new and inventive goods sometimes never seen before


I have been pleased with i.deal…
I have been pleased with i.deal shopping for quite a few years but I must say it has changed its not so entertaining as time back. Also returns and refunds are slower.

Above review so why give a 5 star review.


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That bike clip was filmed post lockdown, as they only launched it the other week, it was just him in the garden so they werent doing anything wrong.


This is on trustpilot....really...
5 stars: Excellent

24 minutes ago

Ideal World tv shopping channel. :)
on British tv :)

Mr D.J.
From Bradford.


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How about this invited review, always honest!!!!!!

4 reviews

5 stars: Excellent

17 minutes ago

I love watching Ideal World!
I love watching Ideal World!
The presenters are great!
The way they sell the products is always honest and very well presented.
They are down to earth and human. They also make you laugh with their litlte quirks.
The products which Ideal World sell are of very good quality.
Delivery times are excellent.
I receive emails updating me of the status of my delivery, and a time slot for delivery, which you can also track. All in all Ideal World is great!



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Not sure you read my post through. I'm 99% sure the screen message stated 'filmed before lockdown' ... that's my point ;)

On your original post, i'm sure there was a spell during last year I think, where they were saying there was a shortage of e bikes (not just IW but everywhere), because they were so popular, and that they were struggling to get stock.


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Oh it's Gamages, sorry Swan & Egar now.

You have to laugh, an aviator watch with a diver's bezel. :ROFLMAO:
Imagine a fighter pilot in WW2 checking his watch and the battery has run out:rolleyes: The bullshit started early. And again, aviator watch based on a jet fighter at high altitude against the Luftwaffe. I despair


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Imagine a fighter pilot in WW2 checking his watch and the battery has run out:rolleyes: The bullshit started early. And again, aviator watch based on a jet fighter at high altitude against the Luftwaffe. I despair

How is that watch connected to a Westland Welkin!
Every watch tells a lie.


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Love (actually don't) the Swan & Edgar Elegance, limited edition. £185 on the S & E site, but Gamages have it at £585. :eek: Same folk, same watch, why the difference, nothing but conmen.


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